Community Advisory Group Members

Member | Affiliation

Dennis Antenore | Parnassus neighbor; former city planning commissioner

Janet Carpinelli | Dogpatch Neighborhood Association

Chuck Canepa | Cole Valley neighbor

Sheryl Davis | Collective Impact, Western Addition; CCSF Human Rights Commission

Craig Dawson | Parnassus area native and small business owner; founder of Sutro Stewards

Phil DeAndrade | Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association; Mission Creek Harbor Association

Martha Ehrenfeld | Inner Sunset Park Neighbors

J.R. Eppler | President, Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association

Kevin Hart | Parnassus neighbor

Bruce Kin Huie | President, Dogpatch Neighborhood Association; Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee

Elaine Johnson | Executive Director, Bio-Link

Beatrice Laws | Parnassus Neighbor

Irma Lewis | Co-founder, Toes and Paws for Green Space; Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee; Dogpatch Neighborhood Association

Susan Maerki | Inner Sunset Park Neighbors

Gabriel Medina | Mission Economic Development Agency

Lucia Mele | Parnassus neighbor

Dick Millet | Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association; Mission Bay Citizens Advisory Committee

Toye Moses | Executive Director, SE Community Facility Commission(Bayview Hunters Point/Southeast Sector)

Jim Salinas | San Francisco Latino Democratic Club

Carol Tatum | Visitacion Valley neighbor; board member, Young Community Developers

Norman Ten | Western Addition neighbor; Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance

Dorris Vincent | Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Project Area Committee, Third Street Light Rail Community Advisory Group

Mikael Wagner | Diversity & Communications Consultant, Mission Bay neighbor

Tes Welborn | Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council

Corinne Woods | Mission Creek Harbor Association; Mission Bay Citizens Advisory Committee