Encouraging Medical Students to Practice in Underserved Areas

By Christy K. Boscardin, PhD; Doug Grbic, PhD; Kevin Grumbach, MD; and Patricia O’Sullivan, EdD on October 22, 2014

More than 35 million people live in medically underserved areas in the United States, and by 2020, there will be a shortage of more than 90,000 physicians, mostly in areas that are already underserved. Christy Boscardin, PhD, and her colleagues from UCSF and the American Association of Medical Colleges wanted to find out if there was something medical schools could do to alleviate this.

UCSF Team Learns More About Why Airway Closes Up During Asthma Attacks

By By Mallar Bhattacharya, MD on October 17, 2014

The molecular regulation of smooth-muscle contraction is an important determinant of airway responses during an acute asthmatic attack. In acute asthma, various triggers, including viral illnesses and aeroallergens, can cause acute narrowing of the airways leading to a life-threatening respiratory crisis and sometimes death.

New Thinking in the Field of Genetic Prion Diseases

By Laura Kurtzman on October 10, 2014

Overturning an assumption in the field of genetic prion diseases, it turns out that disease does not appear at younger ages with each succeeding generation, according to a paper published on October 2 in the American Journal of Human Genetics by Michael Geschwind, MD, PhD, associate professor of neurology with UCSF’s Memory and Aging Center, and colleagues.

$6.25 Million Grant for the Memory and Aging Center

By Laura Kurtzman on October 8, 2014

Adam Boxer, MD, PhD, and Howie Rosen, MD, of the Memory and Aging Center (MAC), have won a $6.25 million grant to study Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (FTLD) through the Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network (RDCRN), which is led by National Institute’s of Health’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS).

Special Journal Issues Spotlight What Works in Global Health

By Laura Kurtzman on September 22, 2014

Two special global health issues of Science and Science Translational Medicine were conceived with help from Jaime Sepulveda, executive director of UCSF Global Health Sciences.

Join the Online Rally to Fund Medical Research

By Jennifer Wickre on September 17, 2014

On Thursday, Sept. 18, hundreds of researchers and advocates from around the country will be on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to urge lawmakers to make funding for the National Institutes Of Health (NIH) a national priority.

Funding Needed to Support UCSF Researcher Helping Ebola Victims in West Africa

By Laura Kurtzman on August 18, 2014

Dan Kelly, MD, a global health researcher at UCSF, is in Sierra Leone to help those impacted by the Ebola virus in Africa. Kelly is raising $100,000 for Wellbody Alliance, his nonprofit in Sierra Leone, to train his staff, equip them with spacesuits and other infection prevention tools.

Resources Available to Help People with Disabilities on ADA Anniversary

By Bruce G. Flynn on July 25, 2014

Celebrations of the July 26, 1990 signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by President George H.W. Bush will take place across the nation during the week of July 21-27, 2014. The UCSF Committee on Disability Issues will be working over the next year to identify issues of concern for people with disabilities and set objectives to address these key issues.

UCSF Teams Make Final Push for Sunday's AIDS Walk San Francisco

By Robert Mansfield on July 15, 2014

AIDS Walk San Francisco will take place Sunday, July 20, at Golden Gate Park. UCSF takes pride in attaining Gold Team status as one of the top fundraisers in the Bay Area.

Strong Interest in Medical Devices at UCSF Mission Bay Event

By Kaspar Mossman, PhD on June 30, 2014

A record-breaking turnout—with more than 550 registered—packed Byers Auditorium and spilled into an overflow room at UCSF Mission Bay on Wednesday, June 4 for the launch of the Rosenman Institute.