Peter Carroll stands outside the new UCSF Bakar Cancer Hospital at Mission Bay

New Hospital Embraces Next Frontier of Cancer Treatment

August 24, 2014

When urologist Peter Carroll, MD, MPH, did his residency at UCSF 30 years ago, cancer was “a word that was whispered,” a knowledgeable patient was someone who just followed doctor’s orders and oftentimes a diagnosis wasn’t made until disease was advanced.

digital illustration of gut microbes

Do Gut Bacteria Rule Our Minds?

August 15, 2014
It sounds like science fiction, but it seems that bacteria within us – which outnumber our own cells about 100-fold – may very well be affecting both our cravings and moods to get us to eat what they want, and often are driving us toward obesity.
Dr. Kevan Shokat works with rotation student Chimno Nnadi in his lab at Genentech Hall.

UCSF Makes Top 5 in World Rankings for Medical, Life Sciences Universities

August 18, 2014
UCSF is among the top universities in the world yet again, ranking second in clinical medicine and pharmacy and fifth in life sciences in the 2014 Academic Ranking of World Universities.

UCSF's 150th Anniversary

Dive into UCSF's rich history and promise for the future through interactive timelines, profiles and infographics on the 150th Anniversary website.



TEDMED Comes to San Francisco

TEDMED logoUCSF community receives a special rate, with access code, to attend the first TEDMED on the West Coast.  Learn more