Forward Together

Video produced by Gillian Grisman.

Excellence in Action

The root of our partnership is simple — a commitment to collaboration between our city, its General Hospital, and its hometown public university. All physicians at ZSFG are also faculty at UCSF — and are empowered to take on state-of-the-art research while learning from the evolving needs of San Franciscans. The result of this partnership is the best clinical care provided to the greatest number of patients, for a century and a half and counting.

Nurses and clinicians wearing PPE move in and out of a COVID-19 patient's room

In It Together

From earthquakes to pandemics, our partnership has helped San Franciscans overcome every major health crisis for 150 years, and counting. No matter what comes next, you can be sure we'll be here for you.

Our cohesive community response to the global COVID-19 pandemic was a critical part of our local, statewide and nationwide efforts to save lives. We’re helping prevent future outbreaks by pioneering new treatments for tuberculosis at ZSFG, and improving our community-based strategies to address public health challenges.

A row of ZSFG clinicians and nurses hold up signs calling to protect patients

Tackling Our Biggest Challenges

The health of our City begins with the good health of every resident – housed and unhoused. Our innovative health clinics are a central part of how we address San Francisco’s most challenging health issues.

We provide a full spectrum of resources to unhoused San Franciscans through our Citywide Clinic in partnership with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, educate and train the next generation of frontline health care providers through our Public Psychiatry Fellowship, and seek to understand and address root causes through our innovative Benioff Homelessness Initiative

A group of surgeons perform an operation at ZSFG

When You Need Us, We’ll Be There

By leveraging world-class UCSF research facilities like Pride Hall at ZSFG and treatments from award-winning UCSF doctors, we provide the latest techniques and best outcomes to everyone, anytime.

ZSFG offers state-of-the-art trauma care that provides world class care in emergencies, as well as integrated care that helps communities treat the root causes that give rise to street violence, using research-backed approaches that make the difference.

Jonathan Butler, PhD, a ZSFG social epidemiologist, leads a faith-based coalition to help his community

Creating a Better Future

Building a better, more equitable future for all San Franciscans is a central part of ZSFG and UCSF’s shared mission. Every day, our transformative clinics allow health care professionals to use research-based treatments and interventions that improve outcomes and save lives.

Whether we’re helping mothers have happy and healthy births by offering midwifery care and alternative birth options, assisting immigrants to access health care options through our Immigration Health Initiative, or helping families grow healthy and strong by supporting local access to fresh and affordable food through EatSF, our providers and our clinics work every day to change lives and promote health.

Anda Kuo, MD, treats her patient Oswaldo Estrada

“We” Caring for “Us”

Our unique partnership means that San Francisco doctors treat San Francisco patients using San Francisco-pioneered research at San Francisco’s General hospital. There is no “other.” We care for us.

From creating the world’s first HIV/AIDS integrated health clinic in Ward 86 at ZSFG, to pioneering the latest models of care such as the SPLASH Clinic, our care breaks ground by breaking down barriers.

A Better Tomorrow

Whether we’re increasing agency and access in childbirth, or pioneering integrated care for the unhoused across San Francisco, tomorrow is the most important thing we do.

Passion Drives Us

By sharing faculty, doctors, research, and resources, our partnership has changed lives, communities, and our City.