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  • A Prescription for Loneliness

    What a tiny grassroots program in the Tenderloin is teaching doctors about healing through human connection.

    Painted illustration of an older man sitting on a staircase, his head leaning down, with shadows of trees in the background.
  • The Road to Rejuvenation

    Fortified stem cells. Enhanced memory. A longevity hormone. UCSF researchers are finding out whether we can cancel – or at least delay – old age.

    Photo realistic collage illustration of an older man, fractured with cut out shapes and half a face of an older version of himself.
  • Astonishing Animals That Illuminate Human Health

    Giant lizards with superpowered hearts. Hairless rodents that don’t seem to age. Songbirds that babble like human babies. These and other scurrying, soaring, and slithering wonders are teaching scientists how our own bodies work – and how to fix them.

    Photo of a Komodo dragon with its tongue out, with bright colored lights on a black background.
  • Tweeting a Pandemic

    How I learned to use social media to advance the public’s understanding of COVID-19.

    Robert Wachter, MD, sitting in his home, working on a tablet, with a computer in his lap, and his dog by his side.
  • We Must Learn from Our Past

    A look at past outbreaks offers guidance on bringing the current one to an end – and on thwarting the next one.

    Illustration of a silhouette of a man and a child in a dome shaped bubble; a labyrinth of coronavirus cells and graph-like curves are displayed in the background; a sun and clouds are peaking out from behind.
  • Aging Is Not Optional. Or Is It?

    With the global population of seniors projected to reach 1.5 billion by 2050, it will be more important than ever to reduce the burden of age-related disease. In the future, science will allow us to intervene in the aging process to make this a reality, according to geriatrician John Newman.

    Illustration of a red, autumnal leaf, with a green pencil coloring over the leaf and turning it green.
  • The End of Infertility Is in Sight

    Advances in medicine and public health have dramatically extended the lifespan of hearts, lungs, and other vital organs. But for women, the ovaries remain a stubborn exception. That may soon change, says fertility expert Marcelle Cedars.

    Illustration of eggs in a basket made of double helix dna strands.
  • Sugar’s Sick Secrets

    The sugar industry has driven decades of biased research that shirk sugar's responsibility for chronic disease. UCSF researchers are uncovering thousands of industry documents to combat this misinformation, and steer Americans away from what is becoming a growing health crisis.

    Illustration of a repeating pattern of boxes that read “Sugar Shock.”
  • Decoding the Mystery of the Super-Ager

    A growing number of researchers at UCSF and elsewhere have turned their attention to questions around why and how some people who age thrive and are more resilient than others.

    Illustration of a silhouette of an elderly man with a cane, wearing a hat; there is a patchwork of colors in the silhouette.