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  • The Sleep Prescription

    Drawing on his experience as a sleep scientist at UCSF, Aric Prather, PhD, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, shares his simple but powerful seven-day plan to achieve restorative rest.

    A woman sleep serenely in bed with a nightlight
  • Mission: A Tobacco-Free World

    With vaping taking over the youth market, Pamela Ling, MD ’96, MPH, applies her research-driven social media and marketing expertise to beat the tobacco industry at its own game.

    Portrait of Pamela Ling
  • Big Little Lives

    Trillions of invisible organisms make up the human microbiome. Now, medical scientists want to put these bugs to work.

    Hand-colored image from a scanning electron microscope of oral bacteria.
  • Trip Therapy

    Could psychedelics become mainstream medicines?

    Illustration of a silhouette of a woman with mushrooms blooming in her mind.
  • As Prescribed

    This weekly podcast features conversations with UCSF luminaries on breaking research ranging from sleep genetics to screen time for kids to COVID surges.

    Two surgeons
  • UCSF’s Robin Carhart-Harris, PhD, on “The Psychedelic Therapy Podcast”

    Explore the power of psychedelic therapy to treat the ailing human mind with international expert Carhart-Harris, who joined UCSF in 2021 as the Metzner Distinguished Professor and director of the new Neuroscape Psychedelics Division. Discover what his comparison of psilocybin with an antidepressant revealed on the Aug. 19 episode.

    Psilocybin mushrooms
  • Surprise! It’s a Nobel Prize

    UCSF’s David Julius won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on pain sensation. “It was really a shock,” he says.

    David Julius, and his wife, Holly Ingraham, field congratulatory calls in the early morning of October 4 from their home in Walnut Creek.
  • Five Questions for Monica Gandhi

    Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH, an infectious disease expert and professor of medicine, has been an ardent voice for science during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Portrait of Monica Gandhi, MD
  • “Science is Fun!”

    Can dieting help you live longer? Do microbes control your immune system? Can studying snakes help stop the next pandemic? UCSF microbiologist Peter Turnbaugh, PhD, interviews famous scientists and rising stars about research quests that span the spectrum of health.

    Portrait of Peter Turnbaugh, host of the podcast Science is Fun!
  • How Can We Thwart the Next Pandemic?

    Leading scientists share some of the tools and strategies that could help us better confront and contain future outbreaks.

    Illustration of three large humans standing on the Earth, pushing back coronaviruses.
  • Why Can’t I Sleep?

    Insomnia is miserable, and lost sleep can harm our health. Now, researchers are seeing the promise of solutions in our genes.

    Photo of a man and woman in bed; the woman is fast asleep and the man eats popcorn, wide awake.
  • TED Talk: “Can We Create Vaccines that Mutate and Spread?”

    The viruses that cause polio and COVID-19 mutate, but treatments for the diseases don’t. For over 20 years, UCSF and Gladstone Institutes scientist Leor Weinberger, PhD, has been thinking of ways to make vaccines work more efficiently by being adaptive, rather than static.

    Leor Weinberger, PhD, speaking on the Ted Talk stage.
  • The Case of the Recurring Fever

    An elderly man had symptoms no one could explain – until Amy Berger, MD, PhD, and her team investigated.

    Comic-style illustration of a female doctor in the foreground, and three scientists in the background examining specimens with a microscope, test tube, and magnifying glass.
  • Probiotics: Health Hack or Hype?

    We turned to UCSF scientists to better understand probiotics and the human microbiome they aim to influence.

    Illustration of a rainbow colored person holding a probiotics pill bottle, floating through a sea of bacterium in the microbiome.