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Transit-Based COVID-19 Monitoring Pilot Launched in Mission District

In San Francisco’s Mission District, UCSF infectious disease specialists and community partners are launching what is believed to be a first-in-the-nation pilot program to provide low-barrier COVID-19 testing — free, simple, and convenient — at a central transit hub.

nurse administers a nasal swab for COVID-19 testing at a Mission District testing site

Front-Line Physicians Stressed and Anxious at Work and Home

Amid the COVID-19 chaos in many hospitals, emergency medicine physicians in seven cities around the country experienced rising levels of anxiety and emotional exhaustion, regardless of the intensity of the local surge, according to a new analysis led by UCSF.

Doctor wearing mask leaning against window

Mask-Wearing Reduces Face-Touching Among Health Care Providers

Among a group of 40 health care professionals observed by the study authors, those without masks touched their faces nearly four times as often as those who wore masks, indicating that masks not only are an effective barrier to disease transmission, but also may reduce face-touching, at least among health care professionals.

Surgeon and medical students in surgical scrubs

1 in 3 Young Adults May Face Severe COVID-19, UCSF Study Shows

The researchers determined "medical vulnerability" by referencing indicators identified by the CDC, including heart conditions, diabetes, current asthma, immune conditions (such as lupus, gout, rheumatoid arthritis), liver conditions, obesity and smoking within the previous 30 days. Additionally, the researchers added e-cigarettes to tobacco and cigar use.