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Successful Match Day Recruits Top Candidates to UCSF

<p>Juan Bautista stood nervously waiting to open the envelope that would dictate where he and his family would spend the next several years of their lives. While he loved his medical school experience at Northwestern University in Chicago, he wanted to match with UCSF Fresno to complete his obstetrics-gynecology residency and give back to the community in which he was raised.</p>

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Adolescent Psychiatrist Discusses Inspiration Behind New Novel

<p>UCSF's Lynn Ponton, an&nbsp;expert in teen risk-taking and sexuality, has written a new novel, “Metis: Mixed Blood Stories,” which tells the coming-of-age stories of four generations of adolescents as they face different challenges during their 16th year.</p>

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UCSF Partners with Charities to Help Japan

<p>UCSF continues to partner with to help support organizations&nbsp;responding to the needs of children and&nbsp;families affected by the massive earthquake and devastating tsunami in Japan.</p>

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