Celebrating Our Community

“We celebrate each of you and how you have made a positive impact on those in our UCSF community and beyond. You have committed yourselves to the University’s public mission, innovative research, and patient-centered care, and you have inspired us.”

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Mary Beth Blasnek, MS
Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Management

Managing a complex division with heart and passion, Mary Beth Blasnek represents the best of UCSF: unwavering dedication to UCSF’s mission and people coupled with competence and creativity to get the work done.

Margaret Damiano, MBA
Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Management

Committed to the success of each service line at ZSFG, Margaret Damiano inspires her colleagues to connect their daily actions with ambitious goals, driving both professional development and principle-based leadership.

Paula Fleisher, MA
Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Service

Involved with many important community-based programs, Paula Fleischer’s leadership has created a profound, long-term relationship with the GLIDE Center for Social Justice. This relationship has been transformative taking on the challenges of racial injustice.

Nicole Takesono Flowers
Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Service

With tireless, personalized, and creative dedication to UCSF and its students, Nicole Flowers has deeply transformed the Biophysics Graduate program, creating an atmosphere where students feel like they can approach with any issue and get the support they need.

Malcolm John, MD, MPH
Chancellor Award for Public Service

Demonstrating deep commitment to reducing health care disparities and promoting health equity, Malcolm John has forged trusting and productive relationships with under-resourced and disadvantaged communities throughout San Francisco.

Rick Larsen
Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Management

By creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all individuals, Richard Larson has formed a diverse team of talented individuals dedicated to helping researchers at UCSF.

Phuoc V. Le, MD, MPH, DTM&H and Sriram Shamasunder, MD, DTM&H
Edison T. Uno Award for Public Service

Sharing equal credit for the conception, development, and success of the HEAL Initiative, Phuoc Le and Sriram Shamasunder have increased training opportunities for historically marginalized people in medicine, built partnerships with community-based organizations and clinics, and delivered patient care to underserved communities.

John Sedgwick, MN, RN, OCN, CCRN
Distinguished Nurse Award

Considered the go-to person, a mentor, and clinical expert in palliative care and comfort care for the ICU and critical care department, John Sedgwick has improved the nursing experience and comfort around caring for people nearing the end of life.

Shauna Strong
Chancellor Award for Exceptional University Service

A font of knowledge, Shauna Strong is not only dedicated to excellence in her own work, but ensuring others have the understanding and confidence to forge ahead on their own in service to UCSF’s mission.