City Project Continues to Repave Parnassus Avenue

The City of San Francisco's project to repave and make other upgrades on Parnassus Avenue has had a few delays due to rain, but the project is progressing and starting to move on to the main UCSF Parnassus campus, according to Maric Munn, director of Campus Facilities Management.

The first phase of the project has been to rework curbs and sidewalks to provide proper access according to Americans with Disabilities Act. Work has begun in the areas of 5th Avenue working east and has currently reached the crosswalks between Medical Sciences Building and the Millberry Union, which will be worked on this week. The sidewalk and curb ramp work will then move to the east to address crosswalks between UCSF Medical Center and the Ambulatroy Care Center (ACC) buildings.

The second phase is to work on bus stop pads which need extra base reinforcement. Work has been completed on Muni bus stops on the south side of Parnassus Avenue in front of UC Hall and Medical Sciences Building. In the next two weeks, work is anticipated to start on the bus pad on the south side of Parnassus at Hillway and on the north side of Parnassus in front of ACC building.

The third phase is the actual street base and repaving work.  Work is anticipated to start this week to replace underground sewer piping. This work will be confined to the block between 4th and  5thAve.  There will be one-way traffic on this block – westbound traffic, except Muni busses, UCSF Shuttles and Emergency vehicles will be detoured down 4th Street to Irving.

Work is currently anticipated to begin on May 9th to repair the street base between 3rd Ave east to Millberry Union.  This will require that one lane of Parnassus Avenue is closed, and there will be noise associated with taking up the concrete base. Work will continue afterward  both east on Parnassus and west between 3rd and 4th Ave (after the sewer pipe work is completed) in mid- to late-May.

Please note that work may be delayed by rain again, and the dates given are approximate.

For more information, please visit the City’s Department of Public Works. The contact number is 415/437-7009. For after business hours concerns related to the project, contact A. Ruiz Construction at 415/359-8406.

UCSF Facilities Management staff will be meeting with City representatives on a weekly basis throughout the project to make sure stay informed and coordinated. Please forward any specific concerns to [email protected] so that she can communicate them to the City.

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