Statement from UCSF Police Department on Overnight Arrest

By Jason Bardi

Last night, UCSF police spotted and arrested Ernesto Gonzales, who was wanted in connection with the murder last week of the President of the San Jose Chapter of the Hells Angels in Sparks, Nevada.

The arrest occurred at 8:20 p.m. Pacific time near the University's Mission Center Building at 1855 Folsom Street. UCSF Police Sergeant John Gutierrez was patrolling due to burglaries in the neighborhood when he noticed a vehicle with a driver inside parked half a block from the MCB building. He pulled behind the vehicle, approached the driver, noted that the driver was acting nervously, and investigated further. He identified the driver as Ernesto Gonzales, who was wanted for a gang related homicide in Sparks, Nevada. He arrested Gonzales without incident.

Law enforcement agencies throughout Nevada and California had been looking for this suspect for the past week, including the police departments in Sparks, Nevada, San Jose, and San Francisco and the Western States Information Network. These agencies had notified numerous other law enforcement agencies in California, Nevada, and New Mexico, including the UCSF police. Sergeant Gutierrez had been briefed and alerted earlier in the week of the all points bulletin related to this homicide and was prepared to act. He arrested the suspect, the vehicle was impounded, and Gonzales was booked at the San Francisco County Jail.

According to UCSF Police Chief Pam Roskowski, Sgt. Gutierrez exemplifies the professional excellence of the UCSF police department because it was his investigative instincts and outstanding police work that led to the arrest of the suspect.

More information may be available throughout the day. Contact Jason Bardi, 415-317-3760.

Inquiries regarding photographs should be directed to Sparks Nevada Police Department. Contact: Greta Woyciehowsky, 775-353-2225

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