Gladstone Institutes Ranked No. 1 Academic Employer

By Gary C. Howard

The Gladstone Institutes has been named America’s best place to work in academia, capping a seven-year stint in which readers of The Scientist have ranked the independent biomedical-research organization among academia’s top ten places to work.
Warner C. Greene, MD, PhD,Warner C. Greene, MD, PhD,
The Scientist cited a variety of Gladstone attributes as key reasons why the institute did so well in the annual ranking, such as work atmosphere, location in the heart of an academic hub for biotechnology and access to state-of-the-art facilities. “It’s a great pleasure, once again, to have Gladstone recognized for its collegiality and nimbleness,” said Warner C. Greene, MD, PhD, who has led all of Gladstone’s virology and immunology research since 1991. “We’re delighted to be part of San Francisco’s Mission Bay environment, where our scientists have the opportunity to collaborate with so many academic, biotech and pharmaceutical experts. We also strive to provide our researchers with cutting-edge cores to propel our science.” Gladstone’s cores facilities, another factor cited in the survey, offer the scientific staff access to services such as flow cytometry—for rapid analysis of individual cells—and microarray analysis—for determining which genes are turned on or off under specific conditions. Founded in 1979, Gladstone has a scientific staff of approximately 300 and is affiliated with the University of San Francisco, San Francisco (UCSF) — one of America’s leading medical schools. Gladstone’s principal investigators are also UCSF faculty members and thus mentor UCSF graduate students. Greene, for example, is a UCSF professor of medicine, microbiology and immunology and serves as the co-director of UCSF's Center for AIDS Research. More than 25 graduate students are currently pursuing their doctoral research in Gladstone laboratories. Gladstone, which also trains postdocs, was named among the top 10 places for postdocs to work earlier this year, in a separate survey from The Scientist. Gladstone is an independent and nonprofit biomedical-research organization dedicated to accelerating the pace of scientific discovery and biomedical innovation to prevent illness and cure patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, or viral infections. Gladstone is affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco.