UCTV Video Focuses on Breast Cancer and Environment

On Monday, March 28 at 7:30 p.m., UCTV will air the prime-time premiere of “The Breast Biologues,” a video that explores links between breast cancer and risk factors in the environment.

The 15-minute video is narrated by actor Peter Coyote and features animation and time-lapse microscopic images. UCSF scientist Zena Werb, PhD, who studies breast development in the mouse and sheds light on an adolescent “window of vulnerability” to environmental breast cancer risks, served as a scientific consultant for the video project.

The Breast Biologues

“We suspect the increased breast cancer risk from environmental agents is a consequence of disrupted cell interactions,” Werb says. “The video uses images of normal and tumor cells to vividly demonstrate that interaction.”

The Bay Area Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center, which includes researchers from UCSF and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the advocacy group Zero Breast Cancer, produced “The Breast Biologues."

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