UC Suspends Non-Essential Travel to Japan

The University of California is suspending all non-essential travel to Japan by faculty, staff, and students, as recommended by the US Department of State.

The University also has suspended its Education Abroad Programs in Japan and continues to evacuate UC personnel from Japan. 

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Only those researchers who have been requested by either the United States or Japanese government, with official documentation, and approval of their campus chancellor will be permitted to travel to Japan.

In addition to the reasons stated above, UC has been informed by its travel insurance provider that insurance coverage has been suspended for travel to Japan. 

Those who are currently in Japan are being evacuated. Those who insist on staying in Japan are being required by the insurance carrier to sign waivers indicating that they understand that they are no longer covered under the University’s travel insurance program and will not be provided evacuation assistance at a later date.

As conditions change, this policy will be reviewed and modified as necessary. Those who have questions on this policy should contact Nathan Brostrom, executive vice president of Business Operations at UC, or Grace Crickette.  

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