Emergency Preparedness Kits Made Affordable for UCSF Community

The UCSF Police Department is pleased to announce a new emergency preparedness service that makes personal and departmental preparedness affordable for students, staff, faculty and affiliates.

Affiliates include volunteers, employees of UCSF contractors, including food court staff, residents, fellows or anyone who has a current UCSF identification badge.

It is now possible for every UCSF ID card holder to purchase a three-day disaster kit for their car for $5.31 or a three-day disaster kit for a family of four for $33.55. In addition, a department can also purchase three days of disaster supplies for their office, class or lab for as little as $11.71 per person. 

By partnering with Your Safety Place, a San Francisco Bay Area-based company with an online store, the UCSF Police Department has contracted for a 20 percent discount on disaster supplies, allowing members of the campus community to purchase any item from Your Safety Place’s extensive inventory.

To buy discounted emergency supplies, go to:

“The UCSF Police Department strives to improve the University’s ability to respond to and recover from a disaster, understanding that disaster preparedness begins with every individual, the members of the UCSF community,” says Chris Jones, director of Homeland Security Emergency Management at the UCSF Police Department. “Having three to seven days of food, water, and essential emergency supplies can make a difference between being a survivor or a victim when disaster strikes.”

Jones points out that the disaster kits are a perfect gift for loved ones this holiday season. “We encourage you to make disaster preparedness a gift of caring for yourself, your loved ones and your students and employees, and to continue making preparedness a goal worth pursuing throughout the year,” he says.

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