UC Benefits Town Hall Meeting Posted on the Web

Faculty, staff and retirees who missed the live webcast, can watch an archived tape of the web town hall on UC Benefits on UStream.

The event was videotaped in Oakland on Sept. 24, and included more than 9,000 online participants from across the UC system, as well as a small in-studio audience of UC faculty and both represented and non-represented staff.

The town hall was moderated by Penelope Herbert, staff advisor-designate to the UC Regents, and featured panelists Nathan Brostrom, executive vice president of Business Administration, Dwaine Duckett, vice president of Human Resources, Provost Lawrence Pitts and Academic Senate Vice Chair Robert Anderson.

Panelists tried to answer as many questions as they could from both the live and web audience during the 90-minute event. Questions posed online that the panelists didn’t have time to answer —and with the volume of questions there were quite a few—will be answered on the Future of UC Retirement Benefits and posted under the Q&A section.

For more information, visit the Future of UC Retirement Benefits website. Learn about recommended changes to retirement benefits, submit a question or comment, follow the process, find resources and stay involved.

The Regents voted unanimously on Sept. 16 to increase the amount UC and its employees contribute to the pension plan, taking an important step towards putting it on solid financial footing.

Beginning in July 2011, employee members of the UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) will begin contributing 3.5 percent of salary into the plan; UC will contribute 7 percent. The amount will increase again in July 2012, with employees paying 5 percent and UC paying 10 percent.

UC President Mark Yudof is considering other recommendations from a task force on benefits, as well as those contained in a “dissenting statement” issued by a group of members who disagreed with some of those recommendations. Yudof also is soliciting feedback from UC faculty, staff and retirees. He will likely submit his proposals to the Regents for discussion in November, with the board taking action at a special meeting in December.

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