UCSF Welcomes New Mediation Officer

Maureen Brodie

The UCSF Work~Life Resource Center recently appointed Maureen Brodie as mediation officer for the Problem Resolution Center and the UCSF mediation program.

Brodie, who began her work at UCSF on May 3, comes to UCSF from UC Davis where she has served as the senior mediator since 1996. She has extensive experience mediating two-party and group disputes involving faculty, staff and graduate students, and is particularly knowledgeable about the unique nature of conflict in an academic environment.

Similar to UCSF’s model of mediation that uses trained volunteer mediators, Brodie was involved in the selection, training and mentoring of campus mediators at UC Davis.

Additionally, she has provided individual conflict coaching services, “difficult conversation” facilitation services, and workshop trainings for groups to develop conflict-competent teams. A popular workshop has been a group Communication Protocol, an organizational development tool created at UC Davis that has drawn wide attention at other universities and employers. 

Over the past 10 years, Maureen also has served as a workplace mediator for public and private employers with special expertise in disability accommodations.

Brodie believes that mediation not only assists employees with addressing their conflicts in specific situations; but more importantly, it promotes individuals’ capacities and responsibilities for making decisions about their work lives, builds a sense of community, and fosters mutual respect through a facilitated process based on balance rather than power—all desirable outcomes that enhance employees’ overall well-being.

The Problem Resolution Center (PRC) was established in 1998 as a resource for campus and medical center employees who seek to resolve workplace disputes and conflict through mediation. The PRC has about 70 volunteer mediators and offers on-site conflict coaching, group facilitation, communication skills workshops, specialized trainings and advanced learning opportunities for UCSF’s volunteer mediators. The PRC is planning its fifth class in Mediation for Conflict Management in the near future. 

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