UCSF statement regarding CNA demonstration on 8-05-09

By Corinna Kaarlela

According to officials at UCSF Medical Center:

Allegations by CNA that a UCSF nurse was terminated because of comments made about unsafe patient care practices related to H1N1 are unfounded.  This individual was a patient care nurse who was still in her probationary period, and she was released due to performance factors that occurred during this period.  CNA has filed a grievance on behalf of this individual, and UCSF is proceeding through appropriate channels to address the situation.

CNA also alleges “systemic problems” among California hospitals in regard to H1N1 and the safety of patient care workers and patients. At UCSF, there has been extensive assessment and planning related to H1N1, including adequate safety gear in place for all members of the patient care team and stringent infection control procedures that are practiced at all times.