UCSF Launches New Online Calendar

By Robin Hindery

UCSF recently launched a new online events calendar that offers increased flexibility, a more pleasant user experience and a fresher, more attractive look. The calendar is the culmination of extensive research, including a web-based survey of the UCSF community; discussions with campus groups who frequently post calendar items; and a close examination of other universities’ calendars, said Kirk Franklin, the web developer for UCSF Public Affairs, who has helped with the calendar’s design and execution. “There was a general dissatisfaction with the [old] calendar,” Franklin said. Frequent complaints included a list of event categories and location options that users found overly restrictive. The new calendar aims to change all that by offering more detailed event information and event categories that can be easily added on demand, Franklin said. Users have the ability to filter calendar listings by event type, audience and location. In addition, though all calendar submissions will be reviewed and approved by members of the Public Affairs web team, event organizers can later make their own small changes to the event location or description once the item is posted. With its bright colors, larger type and easy-to-use tools, the look of the new calendar is a better fit with other UCSF websites, Franklin said. From the calendar project’s inception, Franklin collaborated with a team from the UCSF School of Medicine Dean’s Office: project manager Beth Berrean; web developer Jonathan Prugh; graphic designer Cynthia Milionis; and their supervisor, Rhona Snyman, assistant director of the project management office within the school’s Information Services Unit.

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