Chancellor Issues Letter to Campus Community

In a letter to the campus community, Chancellor J. Michael Bishop, MD, announced today that he will be stepping down as chancellor as of June 30, 2009, following 11 years at the helm. Here is the chancellor’s full letter: October 24, 2008 Dear Colleagues: I have informed President Mark Yudof that I intend to step down as chancellor of UCSF as of June 30, 2009, following eleven years in the position. I will leave office with lasting gratitude to the many people with whom I have worked as chancellor -- for their talents, devotion to UCSF and its vital missions, and above all else, for their collegial spirit, which has been the principal pleasure for me in the chancellorship and which has so typified UCSF during my 41 years at this splendid institution. It has been both a privilege and a challenge to have served as your chancellor during one of the more eventful and productive decades in the history of UCSF. The many achievements of UCSF during that decade represent the combined efforts of the entire campus community; I can take little of the credit. I will continue to do my best on behalf of the campus and the university throughout the remainder of my tenure as chancellor, and in my continuing service afterward as a member of the faculty. Sincerely, J. Michael Bishop Chancellor