UCSF's Charitable Giving Campaign Seeks to Strengthen Communities

Faculty and staff are encouraged to show the "Heart of UCSF" by giving to a charitable organization of their choice this season. One of the ways UCSF helps to support its community is by annually organizing a giving campaign as a prelude to the season of sharing. The UCSF Charitable Giving Campaign starts Thursday, Nov. 1, and runs through Friday, Nov. 16. Senior Vice Chancellor Bruce Spaulding, who is again serving as campaign chair, invites the campus community to donate what they can to help "strengthen the fabric of our communities." "We realize that by choosing to work at UCSF, you are doing your part to support UCSF's advancing health worldwide™ mission. But we know that many people in our local and global community need extra help, especially if they are uninsured, homeless, coping with a disease or disability, or just struggling to put food on the table," Spaulding says. As in years past, UCSF faculty and staff have numerous choices of worthy organizations to donate to. Each of the six agencies -- as well as UCSF and UCSF Medical Center programs -- participating in the campaign provides a valuable service to its respective community. The agencies serve as umbrella agencies that assist nonprofit organizations in raising funds and awareness to support their programs. This year, UCSF has six agencies, plus UCSF and UCSF Medical Center, to which funds may be donated. They are: * Bay Area Black United Fund * Global Impact * Community Health Charities of California * Earth Share of California * Local Independent Charities of America * United Way of the Bay Area All participating agencies and federations have an established track record of service, whether it's providing much needed medical aid through Doctors without Borders, conducting novel research on cystic fibrosis, lupus or Huntington's disease, offering after-school enrichment opportunities to children, or protecting rain forests. Each donation can go a long way. For example, giving $2 a month allows agencies to provide healthy meals to a homeless person or give home care to a senior. The campaign also encourages donations to any tax-exempt organization, school or church. To contribute to an agency not listed in the campaign brochure, employees should write in the exact name and address of their specified agency or organization on the contribution form. Employees are encouraged to return their contribution forms as soon as possible. Checks should be made payable to the 2007 Charitable Giving Campaign. Employees have the option of donating by onetime check contribution or by payroll deduction. More details about the campaign are contained in the employee campaign brochures, which have been mailed via campus mail services. Questions about the Charitable Giving Campaign may be directed to UCSF Public Affairs by email.