Emergency Response Expert Joins UCSF Police Department

Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones has joined the UCSF Police Department as the associate director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Jones comes to UCSF after having retired as a captain from the US Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps following 27 years in the US Navy and USPHS. Jones is also a registered nurse with a background as a family nurse practitioner. After retiring from the USPHS Commissioned Corps, he briefly served as the associate chief nurse in Ambulatory Care Services at the San Francisco Veteran Affairs Medical Center before being recruited into the UCSF Police Emergency Management Program. Jones served for seven years as the regional emergency coordinator with the USPHS Office of Emergency Operations and Security Programs, including two years assigned to the United States Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. As the regional emergency coordinator, he advised state and local emergency preparedness agencies in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and US Affiliated Pacific Islands on emergency preparedness planning for natural disasters, terrorism and influenza pandemics.
image of Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones, center, discusses the emergency response during a pre-flight briefing during Hurricane Ivan in Florida.

Jones brings with him real-world experience responding to 23 disaster situations, including hurricanes, typhoons, earthquake, floods, mudslides, wildland fires, airline crashes and terrorism. His disaster response resume includes Hurricane Katrina and the attack upon the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Jones has also planned and participated in six national security special events, including the Democratic National Convention in 2000, the G8 Summit in 2004, the Winter Olympics in 2004 and the Republican National Convention in 2004. "Jones knows firsthand the critical importance of preparedness and the role everyone plays in personal preparedness and assuring their worksite and employees are prepared and know what to do in an emergency," said Pamela Roskowski, chief of the UCSF Police Department. "He looks forward to the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with the UCSF staff in enhancing their preparedness activities, and is a welcome addition to the Police Department management team."