New Eateries Coming to UCSF Mission Bay Campus

The UCSF Mission Bay campus will soon add three new eateries as well as ATMs for Bank of America and Wells Fargo. To be located on Gene Friend Way, the new tenants will be: * Subway: The popular eatery offers fast service at an affordable price-serving sandwiches, wraps, soups and fresh-baked desserts. * Terzetto Express: This unique café serves coffee and espresso drinks, Italian sodas, sandwiches, salads and pastries, along with a great selection of beer and wine. * Peasant Pies: A local, award-wining cafe bakery in Noe Valley and the Inner Sunset, Peasant Pies offers handheld savory and sweet pies that are fresh, nutritious, inexpensive and a delicious alternative to fast food. Soup, salad, organic coffee and espresso drinks also will be served. Subway and Terzetto Express are scheduled to open in August, followed by Peasant Pies and the ATMs in October. A portion of proceeds from Retail Services vendors is reinvested into campus enrichment activities such as concerts and cultural events. Welcoming Business Bringing new vendor tenants to the Mission Bay campus has been the responsibility of Jennifer Dowd, a manager for Campus Life Services Retail. "We are sensitive to the needs of students, researchers and staff at Mission Bay," Dowd says. "The vision has always been to provide these customers with more options and price ranges, so we're very pleased to finally open with local and popular merchants."
Mission Bay campus

Three new eateries will be moving to the UCSF Mission Bay campus.

Plans are underway to celebrate the arrival of new vendors with a grand opening "block party" that will include live entertainment at lunch time and after work along with food and drink specials all day on Wednesday, Oct.10. UCSF students, faculty, researchers, and members of the general public are invited to attend. To encourage Mission Bay tenants and neighbors to patronize these new services, customers may receive up to one-hour discounted parking with validation at the Mission Bay Parking garage at 1650 Third Street. The discounted parking rate will be available with a purchase of $5 or more at Terzetto, Subway or Peasant Pies. Customers may park up to 20 minutes for free - an ideal amount of time for a quick dash to the ATM. "There are some restrictions on parking and parking validations when the Giants are in town," explains Dowd. "Mission Bay has become a popular parking area with baseball fans on game days. But other than that, the ground floor location, access to validated parking - and even the Third Street rail nearby - make it a convenient spot to enjoy great food and services." Building Relationships In addition to their business relationships, Dowd says the new Mission Bay campus vendors have a history with UCSF. Valon, owner of the espresso cart Terzetto, has been the top-rated UCSF vendor since the campus began conducting customer service surveys in 2001. Robert Jones of Subway, who is a former resident of the Inner Sunset, brought his daughters to swimming lessons at the Millberry Fitness Center years before the opportunity to open a Subway restaurant presented itself at the UCSF Parnassus campus. The daughter of Peasant Pies owner Ali Keshavarz was born prematurely at UCSF Medical Center three years ago. Keshavarz remembers that the "UCSF hospital staff treated us like a family and that sparked the idea of being part of such a great community and making my bakery a part of this community." His daughter is now 3 years old and is doing well. "We want our vendors to understand that they are more than tenants - they belong to a large community of very passionate and motivated people. We hope that they not only make customers happy, but also get behind the spirit and mission of UCSF," Dowd says. For more information about vendors, contact Jennifer Dowd at 415/476-630. Photo/Christine Jegan