UCSF to Change Shuttle Services Effective July 30

Given the growing transportation needs of the campus following its continued expansion at Mission Bay and other sites, UCSF Transportation Services will be making changes to campus shuttle rides effective Monday, July 30. The changes, including discontinuing services noted below, were approved by the Transportation Services Advisory Committee. "These changes recognize the need to balance available resources against a multitude of transportation demand needs within UCSF's multi-sited and growing campus environment," says Jon Gledhill, director of Transportation Services. Also, the loss of grant funding for BART connector services, Muni's new T-Third Line improvements and the recent re-establishment of the N-Judah to King St. near China Basin give UCSF the ability to shift resources formerly dedicated to BART connector services back to needed intracampus service improvements. The changes are as follows: Intracampus Services: (Shuttle service between major campus sites.) * Service between Mission Center Building, 16th St. BART, 17th St., 18th St., 2300 Harrison St., 20th St. and San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) on the Yellow route will remain the same. Service from BART at 16th St. to SFGH and 2300 Harrison St. will be enhanced during the morning and afternoon peak-rider periods. BART Connector Services: 24th St. BART and Powell St. BART With existing Muni services in place to provide connections with BART at 24th St. to SFGH and Powell St. BART to Mission Bay, the following services are scheduled to be discontinued: * Service between SFGH and 24th St. BART on the Green route will be discontinued. Alternative shuttle service will be available on the Yellow route during morning and evening peak periods. * Service between Mission Bay and Powell St. BART on the Forest route will be discontinued. Alternative service will be available via the Teal route, which serves the China Basin site near the King St. Muni stop. Evening and Weekend Service: Mission Bay * Weekend shuttle service between the Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses will be discontinued. The alternative service is via Muni's T-Third Line. * Weekday local night shuttle service from Mission Bay to the Mission Bay local area will drop its late-night run to Powell St. BART in lieu of additional runs between Mission Bay, 16th St. BART and Parnassus. It also will expand service locally to include 16th St. BART on demand. All other shuttle services remain the same. Attached for reference is the revised shuttle services map. These upcoming service changes and new schedules are posted on the UCSF Transportation Services website. Those with questions are asked to contact UCSF Transportation Services at 415/476-4646 or email. Related Links: UCSF Transportation Services