UCSF's Kriegstein Discusses Stem Cell Research Bills Debated by U.S. Senate

Two separate bills that would subsidize stem cell research are in Senate debate this week. The White House says President Bush will veto a bill supporting research that destroys viable human embryos. An alternative bill, one supported by the White House, would fund stem cell research on fertilized embryos that are no longer capable of full development. AirTalk host Larry Mantle discusses the issue with Arnold Kriegstein, MD, PhD, director of the UCSF Institute for Regeneration Medicine. Kriegstein says the alternative bill is significantly flawed and will do little to promote human stem cell research. Moreover, he says, a provision in the bill that calls for investing in amniotic and placental stem cell banks is unwarranted at the present time and would squander resources. Related Links: The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act AirTalk, KPCC-FM (NPR), April 10, 2007 Stem Cell Research at UCSF UCSF Institute for Regeneration Medicine