Media invited to courses on understanding genetics and breakthrough medical discoveries

By Vanessa deGier

WHAT: UCSF courses for the public.  Media are invited to cover.
“UNDERSTANDING THE HUMAN GENOME AND THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE”—Gene geography and its relationship to concepts such as race and ethnicity.  (Tuesdays 7-8:45 PM)

—February 21: Genetic Structure in the Human Population—February 28: Genetics of Race and Ethnicity: Lessons from Studies of Asthma—March 7: Human Genetics and the Brain—March 14: Genetics of Cancer—March 21: Genetics of Heart Disease—March 28: How Drugs May Be Tailored to Your Genetic Makeup

“MEDICAL HEROES: GREAT DISCOVERIES, GREAT CARE”—Researchers share the paths they followed to solve medical challenges and make unique medical and scientific discoveries. (Wednesdays 7-8:45 PM)

—February 22: Lung Surfactant: The Discovery of a Life-Saving Therapy for Premature Babies—March 1: The UCSF Fetal Treatment Center: A Personal Perspective—March 8: Creating New Models to Understand and Treat Brain Tumors—March 15: Happy Birthday, Transplantation: The UCSF Organ Transplant Experience—March 22: Calisthenics for the Older Brain—March 29: Rhythms of the Heart

WHO: Courses are taught by some of the world’s foremost experts in human health and the life sciences who are UCSF faculty members.

WHERE: UCSF Medical Sciences Building
  513 Parnassus Avenue, UCSF Campus in San Francisco
CONTACT: To cover or arrange interviews, contact the UCSF News Office at (415) 476-2557.