Successful Accreditation Process Leads to 17 Commendations for School of Dentistry

The UCSF School of Dentistry received 17 commendations and no recommendations for improvement at its recent accreditation, according to the final report from the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). CODA, which conducts site visits of each US dental school every seven years, visited the UCSF campus from April 12 to 14, 2005. The 17-person visiting team toured clinical and educational facilities and labs, interviewed faculty, staff and students, and met with campus leaders. The outstanding result is testimony to the school's high standards of clinical care, challenging academic programs and outstanding reputation for scientific research, according to Dean Charles N. Bertolami. "CODA validated the sustained level of excellence that the school has attained with respect to its mission," Bertolami said. "Our faculty, students and staff expect a high level of quality from one another every day. It was a great feeling to see that commitment recognized in such an across-the-board, overwhelmingly positive manner by an esteemed, external accrediting agency. CODA evaluates every dental school nationwide, so it was extremely satisfying to have efforts in so many different areas realized by an agency that expects excellence. "While the faculty, students and staff went above and beyond the call of duty in preparing the school for accreditation, we are aware that the site visit itself is just the culmination of a long process, not a single event," Bertolami continued. "We look forward to continuing to demonstrate the faith that CODA and campus leadership have placed in the School of Dentistry, and to maintaining and building on our terrific results." UCSF Chancellor Mike Bishop, who, along with Executive Vice Chancellor Eugene Washington, received CODA's preliminary report in person on April 14, was also enthusiastic about the school's success. "The School of Dentistry faculty, staff, students and alumni can be justifiably proud of these outstanding accreditation results," said Bishop. "The commendations validate the excellent programs in all areas of clinical care, teaching and research. The School of Dentistry enjoys a wonderful reputation not only here on the UCSF campus, but also nationwide." The School of Dentistry received its 17 commendations in the diverse areas corresponding to the school's mission of teaching, research and service, as listed below. Many of the postgraduate education programs also received commendations. Multiple Commendations The school's areas of strength are as follows: Institutional Effectiveness: The school is first in sponsored education, research and training per dental student and third in clinical income per dental student. The school is also commended for its success in obtaining gifts and endowments. Educational Program: The school is lauded for the scope of its efforts in the recruitment, admission and retention of a diverse student population. The faculty and administration are commended for their cooperative endeavors during the revision of the dental education curriculum. The faculty is commended for the implementation of innovative student evaluation methods. The school is commended for the revised curriculum of its dental education program. Educational Support Services: The school is commended for the number of capital improvement projects completed since 1995. The school is also commended for the positive rapport and mutual interaction among the administration, faculty and students. Research Program: The school is commended for its research program and for providing opportunities for students to participate in its research program. Advanced Specialty Education Program in Dental Public Health: The program is commended for its extensive documentation of the residency plans, the residents' daily logs, for ensuring that the residency competencies are met, and for the level of faculty participation and communication with residents. Advanced Specialty Education Program in Endodontics: The program is commended for the selection of mature and enthusiastic residents who seem to be well suited for success in the rigorous didactic, clinical and research components of this advanced specialty education program. Advanced Specialty Education Program in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics: The program is commended for its internationally known and dedicated faculty. The Division of Orthodontics is commended for constructing an aesthetically pleasing, modern and efficient clinical facility. Advanced Specialty Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry: The program director and faculty are commended for their energy, enthusiasm and commitment to teaching. The residents are commended for their dedication to the program and commitment to their education. The program is commended for the research opportunities provided for the residents and the faculty's mentoring of the resident research. Source: Cameron Heffernan

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