National Conference Focuses on Physician Scholars in Social Sciences Humanities on May 14

UCSF is hosting a national conference titled, "Practicing Theory, Theorizing Practice: Physician Scholars in the Social Sciences and Humanities," on Saturday, May 14, on the UCSF Parnassus campus. This nationwide gathering is geared toward social science and humanities MD/PhD students and graduates. The conference offers an opportunity to hear and discuss research projects as well as serve as a springboard for further alliances between MD/PhDs across the country. Conference co-sponsors include the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research, Office of the Director, UCSF, UC Berkeley, Stanford University and the University if Illinois. Social science and humanities physician scholars are increasingly influential in medicine in the United States; they have become leaders in diverse institutions, from the National Institutes of Health to the World Health Organization, local public health departments to top universities. However, because jointly-trained scholars have taken many paths, they are often isolated in diverse professional worlds with no formal opportunities to collaborate. It has been ten years since MD/PhDs in the social sciences and humanities last held a nationwide conference. For this conference, organizers have created a format that maximizes opportunities to interact and collaborate, to form a community of thinkers that has long been lacking. The conference is open to all students, faculty, and graduates from all disciplines -- from economics to art. Its goal is to bring together motivated, curious, and innovative individuals who have carved a path in what is not always easy terrain. By bridging the gap between medical science and patient care through our interests in the humanities and social sciences, event organizers seek to improve the well-being of our patients and the climate of medicine as well as to work towards a more equitable society. For more information about the program email [email protected]. For logistical issues or questions, contact Clair Dunne, 415/476-7234.