Special picnic for children who had transplants, Saturday, June 19

## What:
* TRANSPLANT PATIENT PICNIC—Kids from babies to teens who’ve had kidney or liver transplants—or are waiting for transplant. Plus, their families and often the person who donated a kidney or part of a liver to save the child. This annual picnic is their party with their doctors, nurses and friends from UCSF Children’s Hospital.

* AND:
* Fire-eaters, pinatas, games, food, and for observers, a difficult time guessing which happy children have had transplants, and which are siblings and friends.

## Where:
* McNear’s Beach, Cantera Road, San Rafael, CA—Highway 101 to Central San Rafael exit; east to Point San Pedro Road.

## When:
* 11:00 am to 2:00 pm tomorrow, Saturday, June 19.

## Access for Reporters and Cameras:

Come to McNear’s Beach and follow the signs to the UCSF Children’s Hospital Transplant Picnic.  Page Janet Basu, UCSF News Services, 719-0189 for introductions to patients, families and caregivers.

## Background:

The pediatric liver and kidney transplant services at UCSF Children’s Hospital are among the oldest children’s transplant services in the U.S. Children have received transplanted kidneys here since 1964 and transplanted livers since 1989. UCSF pediatric specialists and transplant surgeons care for children with failing organs throughout their lives. With innovations such as living-donor liver transplant and improved methods to prevent organ rejection, plus social and emotional support for the family, they work to maintain children’s health and help them to have normal lives.