Community & Government Relations Staff

The Office of Community & Government Relations (CGR) is responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with campus neighbors as well as elected officials at the local, state, and federal level, on behalf of UCSF. CGR also coordinates the University’s response to a wide range of political and policy issues, and advises administrators and faculty on strategies to facilitate dialogue with government and community leaders.

The office is led by Vice Chancellor Francesca Vega, who joined UCSF in 2019 with nearly two decades working in community and government relations at California public universities.

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Francesca Vega

Francesca Vega
Vice Chancellor, Community & Government Relations
[email protected]


Headshot of Ellie Rossiter

Ellie Rossiter
Executive Director for Community Relations & Strategic Partnerships
[email protected]

Provides strategic leadership and guidance to UCSF’s community relations programs and strategic partnerships, working in close collaboration with other campus units to identify, implement and direct programs that strengthen UCSF’s relationships with the greater San Francisco community.

Amiee Alden portrait.

Amiee Alden
Director, Local & State Government Relations
[email protected]

Serves as UCSF’s primary liaison to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Mayor’s office, the San Francisco legislative delegation, and various local and state agencies. Responsible for planning and implementing the university’s local and state government relations and advocacy efforts in San Francisco and Sacramento.

Benita Benavides portrait.

Benita Benavides
Community Construction Outreach Program Manager
[email protected]

Responsible for developing and implementing innovative strategies for UCSF’s Community Construction Outreach Program (CCOP) with our community partner CityBuild. CCOP promotes opportunities for San Francisco trade workers to construct and renovate UCSF facilities.

Eric Anthony
Director, Federal Government Relations
[email protected]

Responsible for planning and implementing the federal governmental relations program and advocacy effort for UCSF. The program and advocacy effort are focused on strengthening UCSF’s presence and visibility in Washington D.C. for the purpose of promoting the University’s strategic policy priorities, particularly concerning biomedical research and clinical care.

Jessica Arline
Associate Director, Community & Government Relations, East Bay
[email protected]

Plans and implemets the community and government relations program for UCSF in the East Bay, including activities at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. Liason to elected officials in Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties, and with community and civic organizations in the East Bay.

Jaclyn Drexler
Assistant Director, Community Relations
[email protected]

Abby Ellis
Director, Advocacy and Communications
[email protected]

Liaison to the communities surrounding UCSF campus sites, working with UCSF and UCSF Health departments to communicate UCSF priorities and activities (including, but not limited to land use and construction projects) to neighbors and community organizations.


Scott Carlson
Advocacy and Communications Specialist
[email protected]

Responsible for supporting and advancing CGR’s advocacy program that encourages civic engagement, builds community, creates awareness of the policy and legislative issues that impact UCSF and its missions and cultivates relationships among UCSF, its advocates, community leaders, and elected officials at the local state and federal levels.


Mercia Brandon
Executive Assistant & Operations Support
[email protected]

Provides comprehensive executive and administrative support to the Vice Chancellor of Community & Government Relations. Serves as backup to the Meeting & Event Coordinator. Provides general administrative support and resource management to CGR staff in collaboration with administrative colleagues.


Val Llanos
Project Coordinator
[email protected]

Serves as Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of Government Relations. Provides coordination internal and external CGR projects. Serves as backup to the Vice Chancellor’s Executive Assistant. Provides general administrative support and resource management to all CGR staff.

Madison Ebke
Meeting & Event Coordinator
[email protected]

Provides onsite coordination for community meetings and other CGR events. Serves as Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of Community Relations & Strategic Partnerships. Provides general administrative support and resource management to CGR staff.

Wylie Liu
Executive Director, Center for Community Engagement
[email protected]

Facilitates community, academic, health and healthcare partnerships at UCSF. Her work focuses on community engaged research, community health, education and economic inclusion.


Lydia Bell
Program Associate, Center for Community Engagement
[email protected]

Collaborates on the development/strategy for anchor institution (community investment, workforce development, procurement) and vendor diversity initiatives, communications, and education outreach. Assists with coordinating/facilitating community-academic-healthcare partnerships, using collective impact to advance health equity and address the social determinants of health.

Raquel Barajas
Program Coordinator, Anchor Institution Initiative
[email protected]



Renyea Colvin
Program Manager, Communications & Grants
[email protected]

Advances the anchor mission in the areas of resource development and communications. Serves serve as the lead for anchor-related communications to internal and external audiences and collaborative grant-writing.



Stephanie Sario
Program Manager for Community Benefit
& Anchor Institution
[email protected]

Responsible for developing and managing BCH Oakland’s Community Benefit strategy, program, and plans, and managing the day-to-day activities of the BCH Oakland Anchor Institution mission.