• Project Overview
  • Community Involvement

Project Overview

Breaking New Ground for Research

a researcher works in the lab at San Francisco General Hospital

UCSF’s mission at ZSFG is to provide patients with extraordinary care, informed and enhanced by research. With research laboratories in close proximity to clinics, faculty can collaborate across disciplines and make the discoveries that transform health worldwide, while maintaining their focus on healing individual patients.

A new research and academic building is critical to that mission. UCSF’s current research programs at ZSFG are housed in the City & County of San Francisco’s historic red brick buildings. For safety reasons, the University of California’s seismic safety policy requires UCSF vacate the buildings by 2022.

To maintain research programs at ZSFG, UCSF is proposing to build a new research and academic building. This building would house about 800 UCSF employees, including 200 UCSF physician-scientists and clinicians.

UCSF held community meetings in 2013 to introduce the proposed research and academic building to its neighbors and is continuing to solicit feedback and perspectives from them. These neighbors play a key role in helping UCSF address the seismic challenges at ZSFG while also meeting the needs of the surrounding community. 

Read more about the proposed UCSF Research and Academic Building at ZSFG »

An Historic Partnership

Toland Medical College, which eventually became UCSF, was originally built across the street from the San Francisco county hospital to provide training to doctors who would go on to serve the city's population. Photo courtesy of UCSF Library.

In 1864, Toland Medical College opened across the street from the San Francisco county hospital, with the goal of providing scientific training for doctors to serve the citizens of the Gold Rush city. For more than 140 years, the offspring of those two entities – UCSF and ZSFG – have continued to work together to care for San Franciscans and advance health worldwide. 

At ZSFG, there are approximately 6,200 employees, including 1,900 UCSF employees.

UCSF physicians work side-by-side with the San Francisco Department of Public Health staff to treat patients, conduct research, and train medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy and advanced science students. UCSF’s clinical and research presence at ZSFG – with strong collaboration between laboratories and clinics – has led to innovative medical solutions and better patient care for all San Franciscans.

UCSF Research at ZSFG

The UCSF research programs at ZSFG are essential to the hospital’s success in providing top quality care, delivering an outstanding teaching program and serving the community’s needs. The research at ZSFG focuses on the hospital’s patients, which often include the City’s most vulnerable populations. Our patients benefit in real time from the best that medical science has to offer.

Community Involvement

The research and academic building will continue to evolve through the public review process. UCSF is committed to working with the community and will continue to solicit feedback and perspectives on the research building from civic leaders, community stakeholders and neighbors. 

Quarterly community meetings will be held in order to keep neighbors updated on future activities at the ZSFG hospital.  The next quarterly meeting is scheduled to take place :

March 20, 2019
6:30 to 8:00pm

ZSFG Community Wellness Center
1001 Potrero Avenue
Building 5, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110


At a future date, community engagement regarding the proposed design of the research building will be conducted.

Past Meetings

Quarterly ZSFG Community Meeting
June 26, 2017

This was the first in a series of community meetings which will include updates about the ZSFG campus and surrounding neighborhoods from ZSFG, UCSF, San Francisco Public Works and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Final EIR Certification for the UCSF Research Building & Approval of the Ground Lease by the UC Board of Regents
November 16-17, 2016

The Regents of the University of California certified the Final EIR and approved the proposed ground lease of the B/C parking lot on the ZSFG campus. Information regarding the meeting can be found on the Regents' website.

Draft EIR Public Hearing
April 21, 2016

EIR Scoping Meeting and Initial Study Publication
October 21, 2015

UCSF San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) Community Meeting #2
June 17, 2013

UCSF San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) Community Meeting #1
February 11, 2013