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Support the Revitalization of UCSF Parnassus Heights

UCSF is planning to build a new hospital and update UCSF's oldest campus to care for more patients, enhance health professional training, advance research, and expand services to the community.

You can help secure a new future for UCSF Parnassus Heights through the Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan. Decision makers and legislators need to hear from you about what's at stake and why these improvements cannot wait. Share your unique perspective about the importance and benefits of this project. 

You will be prompted through a series of questions to create a customizable email in support of the Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan. Choose the responses that most resonate with you to generate your unique email, which you can review and edit before sending. 


Thank you for helping UCSF continue its mission of service in Parnassus Heights.

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Continued investments from the federal government are essential to helping us recover from the pandemic and return to normal. We need the next COVID-19 bill to include funds that will directly support our communities. 

  • Direct support for states so they can respond to the virus and provide critical health and well-being services to residents. As states work to recover from this economic crisis, it is critical that the federal government provide support for states to fund key services, including health care, education, safety and others.
  • Targeted funding for the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund to ensure that those helping our most vulnerable patient populations, including public academic medical centers – such as UC’s – can cover the costs of this pandemic and continue to fulfill their public service mission.
  • $47 billion for the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund to support our students and higher education institutions throughout this economic downturn. 
  • Additional funding for researchers so they can continue their work on federally-funded projects – even those not directly related to COVID-19 – throughout the pandemic and ensure that our research workforce, including graduate and postdoctoral students, remains strong.

Call your legislators and ask for the next COVID-19 bill to include more investments for safety net health care providers like UCSF, support for our students and research, and direct aid for California. Take Action

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Give Thanks

If you could offer a few words of gratitude, what would they be?

Share your thanks and appreciation for those who are rising up to help during the COVID-19 outbreak by providing care, research, education and other work that is essential to saving lives and keeping our communities safe. Maybe you have a neighbor who calls to check up on you, or a friend in the medical field working on the frontlines – let’s honor their contributions!

Your words of gratitude may be featured on UC's Twitter and Facebook pages!

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