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EXCEL Program

The UC San Francisco Excellence through Community Engagement & Learning (EXCEL) Program is a clerical/administrative training program which aims to develop the potential workforce in UCSF’s surrounding communities and provide San Francisco residents with access to health-field related employment opportunities.

Since its inception in 1998, the program has graduated over 280 community residents with a large percentage of these graduates succeeding in obtaining career employment throughout UCSF. The program has now expanded to offer two cycles per year enrolling a total of approximately 40 interns.

The program is a work-based learning program that uses both classroom and on-the-job training to prepare participants for career path jobs in the healthcare sector.  After completing 10 weeks of computer, administrative, customer service, and medical terminology training at JVS, UCSF’s community-based training partner,  participants are placed in paid, four-month clerical/administrative internships within UCSF’s various departments, throughout both the campus and medical center.

EXCEL is an inter-departmental effort primarily coordinated by the Community and Government Relations department.  Other UCSF partners involved in the program include UCSF’s Interim Staffing Services, as well as the campus and medical center human resources departments. 

For more information about the EXCEL program or to learn how your UCSF department can host an EXCEL intern, please contact Damon Lew, Assistant Director of Community Relations, at d[email protected].  We are currently recruiting host departments for EXCEL Cycle 14 with internships targeted to begin in March 2018.

EXCEL Cycle 14 Recruitment
Please see the attachment below for information about the next round of orientations for Cycle 14 of the EXCEL Internship Program.  We highly encourage interested applicants attend an orientation to learn more about the program.  If you are interested in being added to the email notification list to receive updates about upcoming cycles please email [email protected].  

EXCEL Cycle 14 Orientation Schedule






Local Construction Hiring

Local Construction Hiring 

In March of 2011 UCSF implemented a new voluntary local construction hiring goal that mirrored the City and County of San Francisco’s Local Ordinance.  UCSF’s voluntary program aimed to promote the opportunity for qualified San Francisco tradeworkers to help build UCSF facilities.  The first year goal of 20 percent was to be followed by a five percent increase each subsequent year, or remain in line with the goals outlined by the City of San Francisco's established ordinance.

In order to reach these goals UCSF has partnered with the Mission Hiring Hall (MHH), a respected San Francisco based non-profit organization experienced in managing employment outreach programs.  MHH will partner with UCSF on its local hiring intiative on building projects that have total construction cost greater than $5 million.

MHH will be responsible for identifying and acting on opportunities to meet UCSF's voluntary local hiring goals and encouraging contractors' good-faith hiring efforts; recruiting local qualified construction trade workers or apprentices through an effective community outreach; establishing and maintaining a database to capture contact information and work-readiness information for qualified San Francisco trades workers and apprentices; developing and implementing processes to refer workers to appropriate union locals, and addressing any conflicts resulting from the scope of the project.

Local Construction Hiring Updates

UC Hall Retrofit and Renovation Project

UC Hall is one of the oldest buildings in the Parnassus Heights campus and is currently being seismically retrofitted and renovated to convert the existing facility into housing and office with a target completiong date of 2019.  This project began in the fall of 2014 with target local hiring goal of 30 percent of the construction hours performed by San Francisco residents.

Mission Hall Global Health & Clinical Sciences Building 

The Mission Hall Global Health and Clinical Sciences Building, located at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus, allows UCSF to have one physical location for global health researchers, scientists and students, and will foster the University’s vision to be a leader in global health sciences.

Construction on Mission Hall began in March 2013 with a target local hire goal of 30 percent of construction hours performed by San Francisco residents..  In 2013 SF residents performed 30,005 of the total 121,860 construction hours which equated to a 25 percent local hire percentage.  In 2014 San Francisco residents performed 30,250 of the total 216,173 construction hours bringing the local hire rate over the life of the project to 18 percent when construction was completed in September 2014.

Mission Bay Hospital

UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay is our newest state-of-the-art hospital complex that has been designed to ensure that our facilities match UCSF's top-notch patient care. The new hospitals were built with a focus on the patient’s experience every step of the way.

During the period of March 2011 through December 2014 UCSF met it's voluntary local hire goal of 20 percent, as San Francisco residents performed 590,227 of the total 2,976,136 construction hours on the Mission Bay Hospital.

Mission Bay Hospital Parking Garage

The Mission Bay Hospital Parking Garage located at 1835 Owens Street provides above ground parking to patients and visitors of the Mission Bay Hospital.  Construction of the garage was completed in the fall of 2012.  For this project, UCSF exceeded it's voluntary local hire goal of 20 percent, as San Francisco residents performed a total of 12,786 of the total 48,805 construction hours, which represented a local hire rate of 27 percent. 


Community Involvement

UCSF understands the important role we play in the economic health of the City and that is why we are working with our neighbors to help develop a vibrant, sustainable San Francisco workforce. UCSF Works for You is a monthly publication that brings you regular updates on our workforce development efforts in our local communities. We believe in fostering a spirit of honest communication, mutual understanding, and creative collaboration with the people whose neighborhoods and concerns we share. Click on the links below to view past editions of UCSF Works for You.