K Scholars Helps Junior Faculty Build Careers in Clinical and Translational Research

K Scholars, from left: Joyce Lee, MD; Kirsten Kangerlaris, MD, MAS; and Mimi Margaretten, MD

The K Scholars program is designed to support the career development of some of the top junior faculty at UC San Francisco who are committed to building careers in clinical and translational research.
This popular program provides support for scholars from all four schools and the Graduate Division to conduct high-quality research, foster and nurture multidisciplinary collaborations and explore novel research directions – skills necessary to achieve a successful independent academic research career.

Looking for Asthma Clues in the Wood Stoves of Honduras

In the search for clues on the global increase of asthma, Joshua Galanter, MD, is turning to the Olancho region of Honduras which has seen unusually high rates of asthma.

Investigating a Link Between Oral Health and Kidney Function

Vanessa Grubbs, MD, is investigating a possible link between the oral health and kidney function as part of her commitment to preventing the chronic health problems associated with kidney disease.

ER Patients Offer Insight into Deadly Respiratory Condition

Carolyn Calfee, MD, is investigating how to diagnose and treat Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome before the condition, marked by rapid respiratory failure, becomes life-threatening.

Q&A with Director of UCSF's K Scholars Program

Director Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, MD, PhD, MAS, says the K Scholars program offers junior faculty an opportunity to engage in creative clinical and translational research that makes a real impact on health.