UCSF 2.0: Converting Data to Knowledge, Insight and Action

By Lisa Cisneros on June 20, 2014

UCSF could further enhance its efforts to deliver precision medicine and health by leveraging capabilities in data, analytics and health sciences, ideas being explored as part of the long-term planning effort known as UCSF 2.0.

Online Project Aims to Speed Up Cures for Brain Disorders

By Michael W. Weiner, MD on June 16, 2014

The Brain Health Registry – led by top researchers at UC San Francisco – is a new, groundbreaking, web-based project designed to speed up cures for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other brain disorders.

Crowdsourcing at Innovation HealthJam

By Laura Kurtzman on June 16, 2014

UCSF experts gather online to strategize on how technology can help the underserved at Innovation Health Jam, which takes place on June 16 at UCSF Mission Bay.

Implications of the Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Debate

By Dalga Surofchy on June 2, 2014

UCSF recently hosted a discussion at its Mission Bay campus about the topic of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing.

How Do Our Cells Know Where They’re Going?

By Jeff Norris on May 25, 2014

UCSF cell biologist Torsten Wittmann, PhD, has just made a key discovery of a molecular process that is a lynchpin in permitting the directional movement of cells.

UCSF Partner a Finalist in Google’s Bay Area Impact Challenge

By Scott Maier on May 22, 2014

UCSF partner choirs at 12 senior centers throughout San Francisco in the “Community of Voices” research study have an opportunity to receive additional funding to sustain these choirs after the study closes.

UCSF Hosts Capitol Hill Briefing on Kidney Research Innovations

By Jennifer Wickre on May 2, 2014

UCSF bioengineer Shuvo Roy, PhD, traveled to Capitol Hill on Thursday, May 1, to present at a briefing called “Innovations in Kidney Research: New Hope for Patients.”

New Neuroscience Initiative Could Help Build Precision Medicine Network

By Helene Bour-Jordan, PhD on April 23, 2014

The promise of precision medicine could radically transform the existing health care model by collecting, integrating and analyzing comprehensive data across basic research and massive patient cohorts.

UCSF Seeks Nominations for Leaders Advancing Equal Rights

By Lisa Cisneros on April 21, 2014

UC San Francisco is seeking nominations for the 2014 Chancellor Diversity Awards highlighting the contributions our campus community makes in the advancement of disability service, diversity, GLBT leadership and women.

UCSF Launches Microsite to Commemorate 150th Anniversary

By Lisa CIsneros on April 14, 2014

UCSF launched a microsite in commemoration of the University's 150th anniversary since its founding as a medical college in 1864.