Research Partnerships Vision

UCSF is a key member of the San Francisco Health Improvement Partnership, a citywide effort rallying a range of public, nonprofit, and private stakeholders working to achieve more substantial gains in community health and health equity.

At the heart of the research enterprise at UC San Francisco is a collaborative culture that is embraced by basic scientists and clinical researchers who are dedicated to working together across disciplines to advance discoveries that will lead to new treatments and improved health.

Partnerships with groups and people outside the University strengthen this environment, providing synergy that supports UCSF in achieving its mission of advancing health worldwide™.

UCSF partners include business, industry, private and public organizations, other academic institutions, and the community, and their areas of focus span local and international levels.

While partnerships bring valuable expertise, perspective and resources to UCSF, these alliances also are positive for UCSF’s partners, such as biotech companies that look to collaborate with UCSF scientists and tap the University’s intellectual capital and cutting-edge research.

In the community, the University Community Partnerships Program makes annual grant awards to organizations for research projects and other initiatives that support the overall goal of improving public health and decreasing health disparities in San Francisco.