Recent articles by Kevin Boyd

Relatives who care for elderly frequently miss work, deserve public help, SFVAMC study says

November 19, 2001
People who care for their frail elderly relatives instead of putting them in nursing homes frequently miss work or leave their jobs entirely, according to research from San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC).

Women's risk of Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline linked to gene sequence

November 14, 2001
SAN DIEGO -- Women who have a particular gene sequence are at a higher risk of developing cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease, according to a study from researchers at UCSF and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (SFVAMC).

CD-ROM brings HIV/AIDS information to countries with poor internet service

November 01, 2001
For doctors in developing countries of Africa and Asia, finding the latest information on HIV/AIDS is nearly impossible because of sluggish and unreliable Internet connections. A new CD-ROM produced by UCSF's HIV InSite may help to bridge the information gap.

Plant-derived chemicals prevent brain cell death, suggesting potential new stroke drugs

October 08, 2001
Two plant-derived chemicals can reduce the damage from a simulated stroke in cultured mouse brain cells...

World's first MRI/x-ray imaging suite installed at UCSF Medical Center in partnership with Philips M

September 13, 2001
The first imaging suite to combine MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) with a cath lab officially opened today at UCSF Medical Center.

The skin's acid coating: SFVAMC researchers explain its origin and how it maintains skin integrity

August 15, 2001
Your skin is coated with acid. While that might sound disturbing, the mild acidity of the skin's surface actually helps to maintain the strength and cohesiveness of the skin...

Some women may have gene sequence that reduces breast cancer risk, SFVAMC study finds

June 12, 2001
Some postmenopausal women carry a gene sequence that may lower their risk of breast cancer, according to new research from San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Age-based cancer screening guidelines not sophisticated enough for most elderly, SFVAMC paper argues

June 05, 2001
Cancer screening guidelines that recommend a test based on age are too simplistic, argues a new study from the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Virtual colonoscopy as effective at colon cancer screening as standard invasive colonoscopy, SFVAMC

May 30, 2001
Many older adults dread colon cancer screening, because the most effective screening tool, colonoscopy, is uncomfortable and invasive. A new study from San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center shows that a faster, safer, and potentially more pleasant technique works just as well.

Burdens of mammography often outweigh benefits for frail elderly women, says SFVAMC study

May 10, 2001
CHICAGO - Many frail elderly women who get routine mammography suffer significant burdens from the screening procedure with little chance to benefit from it, says a study from researchers at San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center.