Recent articles by Bill Gordon

Spring series of UCSF Osher Lifelong Learning Institute starts April 28

March 16, 2004
The UCSF Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) kicks off its spring series with four new courses starting April 28 and April 29.

Nearly a million adults who need help with two or more activities essential to daily living must cop

March 12, 2004
About 3.3 million adults living in the community need assistance from another person in two or more activities of daily living essential for their survival, ...

$35 million gift supports construction of Helen Diller family cancer research building

October 28, 2003
A gift of $35 million--the largest contribution from individual donors in UCSF history--has been made by the Helen Diller Family to support construction of a new cancer research building at UCSF Mission Bay.

Exercise your mind at the new UCSF Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

August 13, 2003
The UCSF Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) starts in October with a series of classes aimed at adults over the age of 50 who remain curious, thoughtful, and in search of new ideas.

Transplantation of genetically modified fat protects mice from obesity and insulin resistance, Glads

June 02, 2003
Fat has long been recognized as an important source of energy. Surprisingly, however, recent studies have revealed that fat also plays an important role in regulating energy, in part by secreting hormones that govern the storage and use of fat and glucose (or sugar). Now, investigators at the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease have shown that genetically altered fat that is transplanted into normal mice protects the animals from obesity. It also protects them from insulin resistance, which is tightly correlated with obesity and is a hallmark of diabetes.

Women faculty at UC San Francisco see room for improvement

May 02, 2002
While faculty members at the University of California, San Francisco generally feel great satisfaction in their work, women faculty members report much more difficulty with income levels, leadership opportunities, and support for their lives outside of the workplace, according to results of a survey released today. UCSF Chancellor J. Michael Bishop, MD, commissioned the survey to gather information and help shape an ongoing effort to improve the climate for women faculty members.

UC San Francisco professional schools rank at or near the top in National Institutes of Health resea

April 29, 2002
The University of California, San Francisco ranked as the fourth largest recipient of National Institutes of Health research funds among all institutions in 2001, receiving $350.4 million in the highly competitive process. Total NIH research funding to UCSF increased more than $29 million last year, according to the recently announced rankings.

Americans leading healthier lives, reducing risk of death from heart disease, UCSF study finds

September 28, 2001
American adults are leading healthier lives and thus are significantly reducing their risk of heart disease mortality, according to a new University of California, San Francisco study recently published in The Journal of American College of Cardiology (October 1, 2001).

Folic acid, vitamin B12 show potential as heart disease treatments

August 21, 2001
Folic acid and vitamin B12 offer cost-effective treatments for heart disease and the reduction of associated deaths among the adult U.S. population, according to projections in a new University of California, San Francisco study.

"Gene Pill" patent extended to include all proteins secreted into blood

July 16, 2001
The first patent for a method of inducing insulin production by delivering normal genes in a pill, granted just two months ago to the University of California, San Francisco, now is joined by a second patent issued today...