Recent articles by Andrew Schwartz

Pain Studies Enhance Precision Medicine

August 30, 2013
A team of researchers at UCSF is incorporating genomics into a broad group of potential factors that can help clinicians better understand which patients are at greatest risk for persistent postsurgical pain and how to better prevent or treat it.

UCSF School of Nursing's Doctoral Program in Sociology Celebrates 40 Years

December 29, 2009
A tiny department on the UCSF School of Nursing has yielded big developments, including supplying much of the ammunition informing the most significant public discussions about health and health care over the past half century.

Master's Student Chosen for Prestigious Policy Fellowship

December 22, 2009
UCSF School of Nursing master’s student Alfredo Mireles was selected for a prestigious, 11-month fellowship with the California state government.

Nurse Practitioners, Midwives Play Integral Roles in Primary Care

December 21, 2009
Health care reformers know there won’t be enough primary care physicians to meet the need. Nurse practitioners and midwives are ready, willing and able to fill the gap.

Moving Lesbian Health Research into the Mainstream

July 29, 2008
Today, most studies that look at health concerns routinely identify racial, cultural and ethnic groups to advance health disparities research. At least one societal group, however, remains largely unstudied.

Changing the Face of Nursing

March 17, 2008
Raymond Phillips pauses often when he speaks. His voice is quiet, more the reflective academic he is now than the commander in the Navy Nurse Corps he was before retiring in 2003 from 20 years of service across three branches of the armed forces. A PhD degree candidate at the UCSF School of Nursing, Phillips recently became the first nurse to ever receive a prestigious Fogarty-Ellison Fellowship in Global Health and Clinical Research from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Developing Leaders in Adolescent Health

March 17, 2008
The majority of teen health concerns — pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, suicide, violence and car accidents — stems from behavioral choices. That’s why providers have traditionally armed themselves with an array of prevention messages and programs when approaching teens.

Nursing Science Critical to Bridging Gaps Between Bench, Bedside and Community

July 13, 2007
In October 2006, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded UCSF more than $100 million to establish a Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) in the next five years.

San Francisco School Nursing Rediscovers Its Roots and Expands Its Mission

January 09, 2007
In 1902, smallpox and influenza were among the contagious diseases threatening New York City schoolchildren. To help treat and prevent these diseases, the district hired a nurse named Lina Rogers. In just her first month of service, Rogers worked with hundreds of students and their families, both at school and in students' homes. When the Board of Health hired a dozen additional nurses to help with the workload, school nursing was born.

Catching Babies in Malawi

June 19, 2006
"I've seen so much here. I'm not sure I'd ever see this much in a lifetime of practice in the US," says Joanne Jorissen of her extraordinary first six months as a volunteer midwife at Bottom Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi.