FAQ for Faculty/Staff

How can I get my event or news covered?

We’re interested in hearing your news, ranging from upcoming publications and presentations to grants, discoveries and trends. Please contact the appropriate public information representative as early as possible to pitch potential stories to us; this would include alerting us as soon as a paper has been accepted by a journal, in order to allow time for a UCSF news release to be drafted. With only rare exceptions, news releases will only be written if they can be issued under embargo, at least three days in advance of publication, in order to encourage media coverage. As your public relations partners, we provide counsel on communications strategy to determine the most effective approaches to media, including how best to get the word out, which stories are likely to attract media attention, how to prepare for interviews and how your information may fit into UCSF’s broader goals.

Who oversees my area or field?


How do I respond to media calls?

The UCSF News Office is responsible for coordinating all media calls related to University programs and patient services. Please call us if you are contacted directly by a reporter at: 415-502-NEWS (6397).

What do I tell a photographer/videographer?

Photo and video shoots at UCSF sites must be coordinated through the UCSF News Office, which handles the extensive clearances and consent forms required under patient privacy laws and other restrictions. This process can be time consuming, so please contact the News Office at 415-502-NEWS (6397) as soon as discussions begin.

What are the UCSF Industry Media Guidelines?

All UCSF contracts with outside affiliates include a section on how and when industry partners and external affiliates may refer to UCSF in external marketing or media outreach. These are spelled out in UCSF Industry Media Guidelines. Any announcements also must comply with guidelines for the Use of the University of California Name set forward by the UC Office of the President and UC Board of Regents.