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Stem-Cell Therapy Takes Off in Texas

February 29, 2012

Scientific American

Stem Cells in Ovaries May Give Women More Eggs

February 27, 2012

Discovery News

Going Paperless: The Digital Lab

January 25, 2012

Nature News

Stacking the Deck on the Stem-Cell Program

January 21, 2012

Los Angeles Times

Why Hard Times Can Make Great Buildings

December 23, 2011

Wall Street Journal

UCSF Stem Cell Grant Could Mean Hope for Patients

December 09, 2011

San Francisco Business Times

The Economics of Stem Cell Research

November 28, 2011

KPCC 89.3 - The Madeleine Brand Show

Geron to Halt Stem-Cell Work

November 14, 2011

San Jose Mercury News

Diabetes and the Stem Cell Promise

November 07, 2011

Los Angeles Times