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Two More Yosemite Campers Struck with Deadly Rodent Virus

August 30, 2012

Christian Science Monitor

Don't Use a Broom to Sweep Up Hantavirus Contaminated Dust

August 28, 2012

KRON Ch 4, SF Bay Area

Moratorium on 'Bird Flu' Experiments Ending Soon

March 06, 2012

KGO-TV ABC Ch 7, Bay Area

Hepatitis C: Drugmakers Jockey to Create Cocktail

February 16, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle

Drugmakers Vie for Piece of Future Hepatitis C Combo Pill

February 15, 2012

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Malaria Maps Show Global Pattern of Disease

January 24, 2012

Times of India (ANI)

New Swine Flu, Drug-Resistant Strains Arising

January 10, 2012

Chicago Sun-Times

New Swine, Drug-Resistant Flu Strains Tracked

January 07, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle