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Cracks in the Test: Doctors Improve Osteoporosis Screens

August 06, 2012

Scientific American

UCSF RunSafe Clinic Boosts Older Runner

July 11, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle

Finding a Sustainable Running Stride

June 25, 2012

New York Times

RunSafe Database to Speed SF Marathon Medical Care

June 14, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle

Amputees Become Athletes with Prosthetic Advances

June 08, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle

Amputees Learn to Excel at Sports

May 06, 2012

KNTV NBC Ch 11, SF Bay Area

Clinic Helps Amputees Pursue Athletic Dreams

May 05, 2012

KGO-TV ABC Ch 7, SF Bay Area

Turning Cartilage to Bone Could Replace Grafts

March 06, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle

Doctors Get Local Training They Can Take Overseas

January 26, 2012

KGO-TV ABC Ch 7, Bay Area