Community Involvement

With substantial community input, the MB Phase 2 planning process explored ways to enhance the campus pedestrian environment, evaluated options for additional housing, reassessed parking supply and demand, and considered the potential for increasing development beyond the current 2.65 million gross square foot limit. The alternatives
developed in the Mission Bay Phase 2 planning process will inform the next Long Range Development Plan (LRDP)

Three community meetings (June and November 2010, February 2011) took place to strategize plans for the remaining undeveloped blocks on the UCSF Mission Bay campus. UCSF gathered feedback on proposed active zones, pedestrian and vehicular circulation and five alternatives regarding campus locations for future research buildings, housing, outdoor recreational space, parking and other uses, using site plans, bird’s eye view perspectives and tabular summaries.

Project Specifics

Mission Bay Phase 2 planning explored ways to:

  • Evaluate land use, building footprints, and building design
  • Consider the potential for increasing development beyond the originally-approved 2.65 million gross square feet
  • Improve the campus environment for pedestrians
  • Enhance the campus for outdoor recreation
  • Evaluate options for additional campus housing
  • Reassess the parking demand and supply, as well as ideal locations for parking

The final report for UCSF Mission Bay Phase 2 Planning can be found here.

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Meeting Presentations, Agendas, and Other Documentation

The final report for UCSF Mission Bay Phase 2 Planning can be found here.

February 15, 2011

November 16, 2010

June 17, 2010


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