UCSF Overview

UCSF's innovative, collaborative approaches for patient care, research and education span disciplines across the life sciences and make it a world leader in scientific discovery and its translation into improved health.


Led by Chancellor Sam Hawgood, UCSF’s leadership team consists of key decision makers who direct the day-to-day operations and set the future direction for the University.

Sam Hawgood

Areas of Excellence

UCSF's reputation for excellence in numerous areas has contributed to its continued national and international recognition in patient care, research and education, including:

UCSF Calendars

The UCSF Calendars bring together several calendars to keep members of the UCSF community informed.

UCSF in the Community

UCSF serves the local, regional and global communities by forming strategic alliances and developing strong partnerships to improve health, enhance opportunities for education and foster research collaborations around the world. 


UCSF welcomes graduates from any of the four professional schools and Graduate Division to remain actively involved in the University.


As the second-largest employer in San Francisco, UCSF provides a wide range of employment opportunities across the city.

UCSF Social Media

UCSF is using social media to connect and collaborate with members of the community to engage them in an ongoing conversation and raise understanding of the University's excellence in patient care, research and education.