Recent articles by Jeff Norris

Cells’ Protective DNA Linked to Size of Brain Region Vital for Memory

July 15, 2014
A brain region that is vital for memory and shrinks in Alzheimer’s disease patients also is likely to be smaller in those whose white blood cells have shorter DNA-protecting end caps – called telomeres – according to a study by Stanford and UCSF researchers.

Will Cell Therapy Become a 'Third Pillar' of Medicine?

April 03, 2013
Treating patients with cells may one day become as common as it is now to treat the sick with drugs made from engineered proteins, antibodies or smaller chemicals, according to UC San Francisco researchers who have outlined their vision of cell-based therapeutics as a “third pillar of medicine."

Center to Address Disparities in Children's Oral Health Counters Early Childhood Caries Trend

February 01, 2011
With an expanding network of colleagues in California and beyond, UCSF School of Dentistry researchers are leading efforts to counter the trend of childhood tooth decay through research and innovation.

Schizophrenia: Early Diagnosis, Treatment Key, But Stigma Remains

January 26, 2011
Early diagnosis and treatment can make a big difference for patients with schizophrenia. Unfortunately, diagnosis often is delayed for months or years.

Studies Find Inequalities in Trauma Care Are Widespread

January 17, 2011
African Americans, the foreign-born, and the near-poor are more likely to encounter barriers to being treated at a trauma center, according to new research reports by UCSF emergency medicine physician and researcher Renee Hsia, and her colleagues.

Evolution of Cancer Can Shed Light on Drug Resistance

January 10, 2011
Cancer is a price we pay for evolving into complex creatures. Cancers evolve, too, but a UCSF researcher aims to understand their evolution and to stop their adaptation to natural defenses and treatment.

Children's Oral Health Center Counters Early Childhood Caries Trend

January 06, 2011
With advances in dental practice, kids today are getting fewer cavities, right?

Preserving Oral Health for a Lifetime

January 05, 2011
Susan Hyde, an award-winning professor and scientist with the UCSF School of Dentistry, promotes practices that preserve oral health and quality of life for both patients and practitioners.

Ferrera's Lasker Award-Winning Research Began at UCSF

September 24, 2010
Genentech scientist Napoleone Ferrara, who has just been named the winner of a Lasker Award, is being recognized for his noteworthy achievements made when he was a postdoc at UCSF.