Stand Up For Science

UC San Francisco gathered to “Stand Up for Science” in solidarity with other members of the academic and scientific communities on April 22, 2017. The teach-in featured UCSF faculty members who, during their careers, have pursued research that has clashed with political sentiments. Listen to stories from those experienced in advancing evidence-based health policy when politics interfered or presented seemingly immovable obstacles.

The panel, moderated by Mike McCune, MD, PhD, included:

Cherrie Boyer, PhD, on her work with the Department of Defense and the allocation of time for preventative health education and necessary funding for the reproductive health needs of military personnel, particularly female recruits.

Esteban Burchard, MD, MPH, on his efforts to raise awareness among policymakers regarding differences between racial and ethnic groups related to genetic testing and the importance of precision medicine.

Andre Campbell, MD, on his efforts to bring the public health problem of guns and trauma to the attention of different stakeholders and policymakers.

Susan Fisher, PhD, on stem cell research and efforts to continue work that the federal government refuses to fund.

James G. Kahn, MD, MPH on evidence and analyses to influence policies for needle exchange, adult male circumcision, and other HIV prevention spending.

Suneil Koliwad, MD, PhD, on his efforts to raise awareness of bench research, its implications for disease, and the importance of funding basic research.

Rebecca Smith-Bindman, MD, on her research on overuse of imaging and educating policymakers about establishing standards of radiology practice.

Tracey Woodruff, PhD, MPH, on why environment matters to health and justice.

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