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What Will Health Look Like in 2050?

No one can see the future, but that won’t stop us from trying. We asked UCSF faculty and alumni to score these predictions for likelihood and impact.

Matrix of survey results on a graph.

2019’s Highlights from Across UCSF

From international awards for high-caliber research to groundswell movements for social change, this past year was an eventful one for the UCSF community.

commencement ceremony

Newborn Immune System Detects Harmful Skin Bacteria

UCSF scientists found that an early-life window of immune tolerance available to a normally harmless bacterial species is firmly closed to another, often pathogenic species — one that is a leading cause of drug-resistant skin infections in the U.S. and occasional source of “flesh-eating” necrosis. 

Science image of bacteria on skin surface taken up by immune cells