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The End of Infertility Is in Sight

Advances in medicine and public health have dramatically extended the lifespan of hearts, lungs, and other vital organs. But for women, the ovaries remain a stubborn exception. That may soon change, says fertility expert Marcelle Cedars.

Illustration of eggs in a basket made of double helix dna strands.

AI Will Give Your Doctor Superpowers

Artificial intelligence manages our phones and homes, helps us navigate, and advises us what to watch, read, listen to, and buy. Soon it will transform our health, says trauma surgeon and data-science expert Rachel Callcut.

Illustration of the back of a female doctor, who is facing a wall of screen images with charts, graphs, speech bubbles and files, floating in space.

Who Will Benefit From Precision Medicine?

A future in which precision medicine benefits everyone is not guaranteed. For that to happen, UCSF experts argue, the health care industry must first tackle today’s health disparities, including differences in disease outcomes and access to care based on race, gender, and socioeconomic status.

Conceptual photo illustration of cut-outs of George Washington on the dollar bill, cells, hypodermic needs, grids, lines, boxes, number, and pills.