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Long-Term Learning Requires New Nerve Insulation

For a conditioned response to become long-lasting requires brain cells to increase amounts of an insulating material called myelin, which may serve to reinforce and stabilize newly formed neural connections.

Microscopic image of myelin

Training Nurse Practitioners to Fill the Gap in Mental Health Care

To address a shortage in mental health providers, UCSF, in close collaboration with UC Davis and UCLA, is preparing to launch an online training program for psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners, which aims to train 300 new mental health providers throughout the state by 2025.

Three people sitting and talking

Dementia Leaders Gather for Launch of Latin American Research Initiative

Leaders in dementia from Latin America joined community members from the Global Brain Health Institute, Alzheimer’s Association, the Tau Consortium, the National Institute of Health (NIH) and more at UCSF Mission Bay for the US-Latin American Networking on Dementia Symposium. Cohosted by GBHI and the UCSF Memory and Aging Center.

an illustration of brain synapses